As easy as snap, measure, submit

Firing Fees

Collecting pottery firing fees can be a pain. Some studios use a clipboard, some have a web form, but it typically takes both members and staff a lot of time to track and bill these fees.

Kiln Fire simplifies the process of adding a piece, it's measurements, and billing the collected fees to a saved credit card on a weekly or monthly schedule, while sending out receipts to members automatically.

Pottery Firing App screenshot Pottery Firing App screenshot

Sign up as easy as 1,2,3


Offer open studio memberships and allow members to sign up quickly. Monthly billing happens automatically and sends helpful receipts to members.

Credit cards fail often and it can be a lot of work to keep members' payment details up to date. Kiln Fire automatically sends email reminders when a payment fails and allows a member to update their card themselves.

Pottery Firing App Membership screenshot Pottery Firing App Membership screenshot

A members only store

Supply Purchases

Enable members to conveniently purchase clay, tools, and other one-off items directly within the app. With their credit card already saved, it only takes a moment, making the process hassle-free and time-saving.

By offering integrated in-app purchases we make the process more convenient for members to purchase repeated items and make the process easier on your staff to fulfill those items.

Pottery Firing App Supplies screenshot Pottery Firing App Supplies screenshot

Sell Pottery Classes In Style


Offering classes is the bread and butter of most profitable pottery studios. Beginner potters want a unique experience and to try something new. Advanced potters want to improve their skills and learn techniques they haven't used before.

Kiln Fire makes selling classes from your website easy, you can create class purchase links and collect sign ups and credit cards, and keep a waiting list in case someone drops out a few days beforehand.

Pottery Firing App Classes screenshot Pottery Firing App Classes screenshot

Better studio communication

Kiln Firings

Members are understandably excited to see their work come out of the kiln, but answering the question "when will the kiln be done?" over and over again can be tiresome for studio managers.

With Kiln Fire, all you have to do is start a firing in the app, it already has stored how long each kind of firing should take and members can easily view on their member dashboard the status of each kiln firing in real time.

Pottery App Kiln Firing Tracker screenshot Pottery App Kiln Firing Tracker screenshot

Stay booked


Easily collect waitlists for classes or open studio memberships. That way you always know who is next on the list and can keep your class or membership roster full, maximizing your studio's profit.

Once someone adds themselves to the waitlist, you can manage the list and contact people when you are ready. Admins have the ability to manually change the order, remove people, or add notes.

Pottery Firing App waitlists screenshot Pottery Firing App waitlists screenshot

Everyone on the same page

Member Agreements

Ensure every user is aligned and in agreement with the member terms from the moment they log into the application. By presenting the member terms upfront during the sign up process, we eliminate any ambiguity or misunderstandings that may arise later on.

Tailor your member terms to your specific needs and requirements. Admins can easily create and update the terms of membership. You can be confident knowing that users have actively acknowledged and accepted their member terms, fostering trust and community.

Pottery App Membership Agreement screenshot Pottery App Membership Agreement screenshot

The important stuff


You can prominently display a message that ensures users are informed about the latest happenings and important information within your Studio community.

As soon as users enter the app, this message allows you to communicate with your members. It serves as a helpful communication tool about upcoming events, changes in schedules, and time-sensitive promotions.

Pottery Firing App Announcements screenshot Pottery Firing App Announcements screenshot