Switchback Interactive

Switchback Interactive is a digital product studio that builds beautiful software tools for companies of all sizes. We concept, design and develop these from the ground up while talking to customers, listening to feedback, and making truly useful products that save our customers time and money and capture demand within their market.

Our suite of products includes Signature.email, an email signature generator, Groundwork1 an employee training tool, Simple Estimate a tool for creating project cost estimates, Tally Count an online click counter, and Invite.social a classy free online rsvp website.

We started Kiln Fire after chatting with some pottery studio owners about some of their frustrations of running their businesses. Billing took a lot of time and involved a number of different apps to string it all together. Creating technology to track and bill firing fees, memberships and more was an intriguing idea for an underserved niche. We are working together with studio owners to create the software that solves their problems.

We would love to hear your questions, suggestions and feedback about how the app could be improved.