A Guide to Pottery Software and Apps

Published on September 18, 2023

A Guide to Pottery Software and Apps

A new wave of software and apps are available to assist potters in their creative journey. Whether you're a seasoned ceramist or just starting out, this article is your guide to some of the newest offerings designed to elevate your pottery work and process. Join us as we delve into the realm of digital pottery tools and explore how they can transform your artistic process.

Kiln Fire (Web)

We couldn't help but mention our own pottery studio management software, so forgive us. Kiln Fire is custom made for member based pottery studios helping them streamline their processes like firing fees, collecting open studio membership fees, selling ceramics and throwing classes, and even selling clay and supplies to members. Members and studio managers alike will enjoy it!

Clay Lab (iOS)

This mobile app helps you beautifully keep track of your ceramic work throughout the entire process from throwing to firing to finishing. It can help you remember what glazes, slips, or underglazes you used so that you can recreate the effect when you want to. In addition, the app allows you to take photos and document each piece along the way.

Glazy App (Web)

Glazy is a community and web based app with a wealth of information and functionality for potters. It allows you to track your glaze recipes, materials, kiln schedules, and much much more. It includes advanced calculators and graphs that allow you to analyze and document your recipes with photos, reviews, and commenting.

Potter Pal (Windows and Mac)

PotterPal looks a little older, but still could be an extremely valuable resource. The software includes some advanced material and recipe analysis for serious potters. UMF charts and detailed comparisons can help you make future material and glaze recipe choices. In addition you can track your firings and finished pottery work.

Clay Share (Web and Apps)

This is a video based community that allows potters to learn and gain expertise. It boasts a wealth of knowledge that helps with inspiration, learning and skill development, and project ideas for educators. You can purchase a subscription to the videos as well as participate on their forums and view their helpful resources.

Kiln Share (Web)

Kiln Share makes it easier for potters to find a nearby Kiln space that can be rented, while also allowing potters who own kilns to earn some additional income and recoup their investment in expensive equipment. Sharing is caring, and we love the spirit of this website helping aspiring and experienced potters alike.

Pottery Notes (iOS)

Pottery Notes is an iPhone and iPad app that allows potters to track extensive notes about their pieces and the process for each one. It allows users to take photos, track materials, firing details, and much more. In addition it includes the ability to share your work directly to social media sites when you are ready in one easy step.

Ceramispace (iOS and Mac)

This is a beautifully designed app that helps ceramic artists track their work and processes all in one location. You can store glaze recipes, firing schedules, inventory, raw materials, finished work, and much more. It even allows you to import your recipes from the Glazy website mentioned above! Definitely worth checking out.

Potters now have a wealth of digital resources at their disposal to augment their skills and artistry. From helping with repetitive billing tasks, to managing inventory, tracking pieces, materials and recipes, these software and apps are enriching the pottery community in new ways. By embracing the blend of art and technology, artists can give themselves more time for their work, track their projects with precision, or connect with fellow artists and communities.

Kiln Fire Pottery Studio Software

Pottery Studio Management Software

Kiln Fire is new kind of software specifically designed for pottery studios to manage firing fees, memberships, supply purchases, classes, and more. Owners and members alike love it.